Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guitar Cake

My nephew is an amazing musician and self taught guitarist. So for his birthday I wanted to make his cake musical.

I baked two rectangle cakes and carved them up something like this.

acoustic guitar cake 004a

The pick guard and the sides of the body were painted with a brown mixture of gel food colors.  To make the colors mix better and to keep them liquid add a few drops of vodka.  Alcohol will evaporate whereas water will dissolve your fondant.

acoustic guitar cake 006a

I couldn’t figure out how on earth to do the strings.  I knew if I had a pasta cutter I could have run some fondant through on the spaghetti setting, but I didn’t have one of those, so after a few tries and failed ideas, I just rolled the fondant as thin as I could.  Here’s a hint when working with thin fondant pieces, use shortening on your hands, it keeps it pliable and it won’t crack as it starts  to dry.

acoustic guitar cake 012a

It’s somewhat cartoonish, but I was happy with it.

acoustic guitar cake 014a


And I think Josh liked it too!

acoustic guitar cake 016b

Remember this face, it just might be famous someday.

Happy Birthday Josh!

acoustic guitar cake 020a  



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