Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chef’s Coat Cake

My daughter Nadia saw the Maple Leaf Cake that I had just finished and asked me if I would
make a cake for her boyfriends father who was turning 55. 
Soooooo… a day after my 8 hour stint with that cake, I had another project.  I didn’t mind, they’re wonderful people, and Nadia was a great help all day.  Frank is a terrific chef and we thought this would be fitting for his birthday.  
Pressed for time yet again I found myself using boxed cakes. ( I’m not going through all that, you guys know what to do.)
I have to admit, we were really on the clock for this one, so I didn’t have a lot of time for tons of pictures.
So lets start on a cleaver.  We mixed up some grey fondant and shaped it.
Chefs Coat Cake 020a
Some black fondant for the handles.
Chefs Coat Cake 021a
When you brush the fondant with a small amount of shortening it gives off a shine.
Chefs Coat Cake 024a
Next, onto our cake.  Cover a 2 layered cake, (that has already been crumb coated) with white fondant.
Chefs Coat Cake 026a
Decorate with the necessary elements.
Chefs Coat Cake 028a
A few more accessories.  We needed those buttons to SHINE!
Chefs Coat Cake 033a
Chefs Coat Cake 039a
Of course we couldn’t give Frank a cake without a little Frank to go along with it.
This truly was the fun part.
Chefs Coat Cake 008a
We put Frank’s hair through the garlic press.
Chefs Coat Cake 006b
We used white confetti candy and blue edible ink for his eyes.
He really started taking shape.
Chefs Coat Cake 011a
I have NO idea what kind of shoes Chefs wear, but I like little clean white ones.
Chefs Coat Cake 012a
Here’s Frank getting fitted for his new shoes.
Chefs Coat Cake 014a
Everything put together.
Chefs Coat Cake 044a
Chefs Coat Cake 054a
Chefs Coat Cake 045a
Chefs Coat Cake 036a
I don’t think I captured the detail here, but his name badge has stitching marks around it.
Chefs Coat Cake 042a

Chefs Coat Cake 055a
Just in case you were wondering…
Chefs Coat Cake 030a

Happy Birthday Frank!


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  1. That's outrageously awesome!! The likeness is hilarious.

  2. A remarkable resemblance :) You are a cake artist! Fabulous job!

  3. Wow!! That's a lot of work...I hope Frank got a kick out of it.

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