Sunday, March 13, 2011

Football & Race Cars & Wii, OH MY!

This past weekend was extremely busy in my kitchen.

We celebrate THREE birthdays at once, my eldest daughter, her boyfriend and my nephew.

I thought about making one cake with something to represent all three, but my daughter had her heart set on her own cake.. and it had to be pink~!

So that left me in the kitchen baking cakes the days before, and two straight days of cake decorating.

This is what I came up with ~ three SMALL personal sized cakes.

You’ll have to forgive the lack of instructions and during pictures, but as you can appreciate, time wasn’t exactly on my side.



My nephew is a HUGE football fan and like any fan, he has his favorite team, so I thought I’d go with that.

football helmet cake1a

Football helmet cake 2a

Of course we needed a creative base to put the helmet on. Just a regular square cake board covered in green fondant and white fondant.

football helmet cake 4a

football helmet cake 3a

I will tell you that I made an 8” round pan cake and then put the majority of the batter in a Pyrex bowl and baked it in that. This actually helped me get the round shape and allowed for much less wastage and carving.

Birthday Cakes 022a

This is my handsome nephew with his football cake.

football helmet cake5a



Michael is and Insurance man by day and a race car driver by night. This year he will be driving a 1933 Willys Coupe..AWESOME car!

So … The adventure seeker in me thought.. why not?


car cake 8a


This cake started off in 2 different size loaf pans. (cakes are frozen here)

car cake 3a

And the base was on a glass cutting board covered with black fondant to look like an oil slick or tar.

car cake 5a

It turned out kind of cartoony…I liked it.

car cake 2a

car cake7a

And here is Michael just after the sparkler went out. By the way, Michael refused to actually cut the cake…haha!

car cake 9a


and finally,


My Jessica has become a bit of a Wii fanatic, so this was perfect for her.  A replica of her hot pink Wii Controller complete with little Mii’s of all of us who play.

wii controller cake 1a

The easiest shape of the cakes, very simple 2 layered carrot cake, crumb coated and covered with fondant. The strap was also made of rolled fondant, very thin and textured with the ties of my apron..(just for effect)  The Mii’s also all fondant and food coloring pens.

wii controller cake 2a

wii controller cake 3a

I have to show you how these Mii’s actually look when we are playing the game.  I think they’re hilarious.

wii controller cake 4a

wii controller cake 10a

And here is Jess… thrilled with her cake (and dying to press “A”)

wii controller cake 11a

Well there ya have it.  I’m EXHAUSTED.  But I have to tell you what I thrill I get seeing their faces.

It is sooooo worth the work!

Happy Birthday kidlets.  I love you all!




  1. You are a master decorator Lisa ~ all three of these are just fantastic ~ is there anything you can't do??!!

  2. These cakes are amazing works of art. The kids must have loved them. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment, BTW!

    Warmly, Michelle

  3. What a great resource!