Saturday, October 23, 2010

Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

It was my Honey’s 50th birthday recently, but tonight we are getting together with all his siblings and spouses.
Events with them are always awesome.  We are meeting at restaurant but I’ve decided to make my own cake.
He’s a huge sports fan, so I thought a sports themed cake would be cool.
So let's start at the beginning.  I was very short on time, since this was a last minute decision, so cake mixes just had to do.
I made a Chocolate cake and a French Vanilla..(you just can’t go wrong with those)
While I was waiting for the cakes to bake I mixed up some blue fondant.
I iced between the layers with chocolate icing.
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 022a
Crumb coat, (or dirty ice) the cake with butter cream or regular frosting.  Refrigerate iced cake for at least 45 minutes.
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 024a
Cover with white fondant
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 026a

With some of the blue fondant I traced the number 50 from cut outs that I printed off earlier.
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 032a
I did the same with the letters for the name. 
( I KNOW there is a better way, but this is the poor mans cut outs)Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 042a
I added some white fondant sleeves, blue stripes and a neckline.
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 033a
I also started on this little guy. From a blue blob…
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 011a
…came a hockey player… that oddly enough started to look a lot like my honey, (giggle!)
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 012a
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 064a
He looks pretty exhausted doesn’t he?
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 070a
And now for the whole cake!  You can see the cut out Maple Leaf on the sleeve.
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 063a
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 065a
 Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 041a
Toronto Maple Leafs Cake 072a
Happy Birthday Sweetie!   50 never looked better.


  1. You did a great job! Take it from a cake decorator!

  2. omg what an amazing cake, i brought fondant once endup throwing it away and went to the grocery store brought a cake instead lol..

  3. Your cake is AMAZING! What a labor of love for your love! So glad your shared!

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