Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainbow Cake

It appears I’m in a ‘cake mix’ kind of mood lately.
I’ve been eyeing rainbow cakes on the internet for a while now and have decided it was time to give it a go.
This recipe begins with a mix, (you can thank me now if you wish).
I’m not promoting one cake mix over the other, but this is what I had so it’s what I used.
rainbow cake 004a
Follow instructions on the box for a 2 layer cake.
Decide on 5 or 6 colours and the divide the batter into equal parts in small bowls.
rainbow cake 008a
I used food colouring gel for 4 of the colours, but just to test it, I used the liquid for blue colour and there was no difference, so feel free to use either.
rainbow cake 017a
Make sure the colours are completely mixed. Do NOT over mix batter.
rainbow cake 009a
Start with one colour and pour half of that colour in the center of one pan, and the center of the other pan.
Take the 2nd colour and pour half again ON TOP of the first colour of each pan.
Pour the 3rd colour half and half again on top of the last colour.
As you continue to pour on top the batter underneath will spread and it will look like this when you’re done.
rainbow cake 013a
Then make sure you stand at the oven door watching it bake just like I did!!
rainbow cake 016a
Sit and count the minutes until it cools so you can ice as fast as you can.
rainbow cake 021b
rainbow cake 022a
  No need to tell you how moist it is !
rainbow cake 025a

rainbow cake 041a 
rainbow cake 028a
Enjoy !


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cake Pops – Halloween Style!

In case you haven’t seen the latest and greatest cake pop craze, here is my version of Bakerella’s fabulous Halloween Pops.  They’re fun and they’re delicious.
I am definitely hooked to making these little guys !!!
I wont bother with the whole recipe since you can find that and more on Bakerella’s site.
But I will say that making the cake balls couldn’t be easier. Anything that starts with a cake mix and some ready made frosting is a winner in my book.
cake pops halloween 027a
And what’s even better -
it doesn’t matter what your cake looks like cause it just ends up like this!
cake pops halloween 030a
and then like this
cake pops halloween35a
Armed with my candy melts, lollypop sticks and edible pen, I begin the process.
cake pops halloween 031a
A couple of hours later, a few lessons learned (and a few pops ingested), here is what I came up with.
Thanks Bakerella for your spot-on instructions!
cake pops halloween 017a
cake pops halloween 038a
 cake pops halloween 023a
cake pops halloween 042a
cake pops halloween 022a
 cake pops halloween 043a
cake pops halloween 021a
I fully intend on making the turkey cake pops for Thanksgiving, and if they turn out I’ll post them.  Since I’ll be a seasoned cake popper by then, I might try a design all my own!
I thought this looked like a mug shot
cake pops halloween 037a